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Wend pocket wax Rainbow 6 pack 14ml pack

This handy six-pack of brightly coloured 14ml Wend Wax pocket packs leave your chain looking vibrant and performing silently. Slip a pack in your pocket for roadside top-ups or leave one in your kit bag and never be without chain lube when you need it most. Apply this paraffin based wax to your chain cold, and simply rub it between the rollers. The proprietary friction reducing technologies, along with some added Teflon and Zinc allow your chain to function silently while improving the longevity of your drivetrain. Combine two or more colours for a temporary, truly personalised look.


  • Bumper six-pack of 14ml wax pocket packs
  • Full spectrum of Wend Wax-On colours
  • Rub-on wax-based chain lubricant
  • Paraffin-based formula with proprietary friction reducers
  • With Teflon and Zinc for further reduction in friction
  • Keeps chain clean while reducing friction
  • Quiet running
  • Contributes to an efficient drive-train, aiding component longevity
  • Easy to apply
  • Bright colours personalise your chain