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Campagnolo Eurus 2-Way Wheelset Black


Eurus wheels are designed to be extremely versatile. Light on climbs and quick to respond to changes of pace, perfect for all rides on any type of course.

Thanks to the new oversized flange and the innovative MegaG3 system, Eurus wheels have made a true leap in quality to stand alongside the Shamal Ultra as a reference point for top aluminium wheels.

The 2-Way Fit option makes it possible to fit both a tubeless or clincher tyre. With 2-Way Fit, Campagnolo customers will be able to personally test which of the two solutions suits them best or to use a clincher tyre for training and a tubeless tyre for race day. What if my tubeless tyre has a puncture? The Campagnolo 2-Way Fit system allows you to use a traditional inner tube by simply removing the hermetic closure valve to ride home.


  • 2-Way Fit version allows either clincher or tubeless tyres to be fitted
  • Toroidal Milling reduces the peripheral weight of the rim for great reactivity
  • Dynamic Balance where every point of the rim is counterbalanced by an equal weight on the opposite side
  • Ultra-Fit for easy tyre mounting and improved performance
  • MOMAG: the external rim profile is free of holes, so the structural integrity of the wheel is increased and there is no need for rim tape
  • Differentiated rim height, 27mm front & 30mm rear for optimised structural integrity and performance
  • Aerodynamic aluminium spokes with exclusive Mega-G3 spoke pattern and anti-rotation system
  • Rear hub with oversized flange for increased torsional stiffness
  • Aluminium axle and hub body for low weight and high stiffness
  • Weight: 1485g for 2-Way Fit (CA) for Campagnolo, (SH) for Shimano