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Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50 Cult Wheels


The Bullet Ultra has an attractive design and the performance of a real leader. The special structure of the rim, combined with the oversized hub and G3ル spoking solution with the DRMC (Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling) system, give the wheel an explosive responsiveness combined with great manoeuvrability and steering precision.

Cult Bearings (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) is a combination of the highest quality ceramic ball bearings and stainless steel races available on the market, to reduce friction to the very minimum yet maintain a consistently high level of performance for long periods of time.

The Mega-G3 Spoke pattern is a type of spoke assembly that improves energy transfer between the hub, which reduces stress on the right-hand side which in turn increases the rigidity of the wheel. This is achieved by having twice as many spokes as the left-hand side.


  • RDB (Rim Dynamic Balance) exclusive technology engineered into the rims, assures perfect balance even at high speeds
  • Integrated Aluminium/carbon rim structure, for an extremely rigid rim and responsive wheel
  • MOMAG: the external rim profile is free of holes, so the structural integrity of the wheel is increased and there is no need for rim tape
  • Exclusive moulding system for the rim that eliminates the need for paint
  • DRMC (Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling) system for equal tension and correct alignment throughout the wheel (including the rim, spokes, nipples and hub)
  • Aluminium hub with oversized drive side flange, cup and cone CULT bearings and aluminium axle
  • Aerodynamic spokes with exclusive Mega-G3 spoke pattern with anti-rotation system ...