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Indexing of gears

Setup of brakes

Tyres inflated and inspected

Wipe down of frame & forks

Full safety check on all bolts and fittings

Parts extra including cables, not included.



In addition to Basic Service

Inspection of Frame and Forks

Wheels and Rims checked

Headset checked for lateral play

Cassette and Chain wear inspected

Bottom Bracket thread re-greased

Brakes checked and adjusted



In addition to our Standard Service

Complete strip down & clean of bike

Wheel Hubs re-greased & re-assembled

Headset cleaned re-greased & re-fitted

Bottom bracket fitted if necessary

Brakes blocks replaced if required

Full cable set included


From £8

Puncture £20 (inc new inner tube)

Wheel Truing £20

Full Gear Servicing £20

Fit Front & Rear Derailleur £15

Rear Wheel Assembly & Fitting £20

Rear Wheel Assembly & Fitting £15

Fit Cassette, Chain & Chain Rings £20

Chain Fitting £20

Gear Adjustment £8

Brake Blocks Fitted £7

Fitting Full Mudguard Set £12

Need a Bespoke Service?

Please contact us if you require specific services maintenance – 01642 241 627.

Pick & Drop Off Service

We offer a pick up drop off service, small charge applied. Within 5 miles £5:00 charge / + 5 miles and over £12.00 (max distance 20 miles)

Have Questions?

Please contact us or call in and see a member of our team.

Will the cost suddenly increase?

We will always contact you via telephone or email before any additional work is undertaken.

I need a slightly different service?

We can provide a bespoke bike service, all jobs are pre-quoted and agreed with the customer before commencing.

How long does the work take?

We will turn your repair around is as short a time as possible.

What happens on collection?

On collection we will talk through all work undertaken and highlight any areas which may need further attention.

How do I book my bike in for service?

Contact the shop and we will get you booked in 01642 241 627.

Feel free to speak to one of our staff

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